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Value Added Services

Pre Purchase Inspection, Pre Vetting, Inspection on Hire/Off Hire, Port Agencies, Ship Chandelling, Ship Spares, Valuation Survey, Navigation, Audit, ISM/ISPS, Audit Tank Cleaning, Operation for Oil / Chemical, Draft Survey, Bunker Survey, Barge Inspection, Preparation of Manual for companies, All Kinds of third party audit's / survey's. Provide software for maintaining crew database, PMS class approved, IT Support, Insurance Service.

"The Value Added Services comprises all support and associated activities outside but related to the core activity of ship management. The wide range of products and services that the Value Added Services group currently offers includes:

  • Pre Purchase Inspection
  • Pre Vetting Inspection
  • On Hire/Off Hire
  • Port Agencies
  • Ship Chandelling
  • Ship Spares
  • Valuation Survey
  • Navigation audit
  • ISM/ISPS audit
  • Tank Cleaning operation for oil/chemical
  • Draft Survey
  • Bunker Survey
  • Barge inspection
  • Preparing manuals for companies
  • All kinds of third party audit's/survey's
  • Provide Software for maintaining crew database
  • PMS class approved
  • IT Support
  • Insurance Services

Each product or service is delivered by a dedicated team of professionals who are highly specialized and experienced in that particular field."

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